Release 5 albums in 2023.

I’ll keep this brief – if you are a home studio musician this may sound familiar…

I’ve spent tears watching ‘how to videos’ to help me writing, record and mix my own sogs at home – but that’s as far as it goes. I’ve never done anything more with this music. Most of it sits as unfinished ideas on my PC, never to be heard by anyone else, not even my family. Frankly, that sucks.

It’s time to change.

Starting from March 2023 I have time between jobs, and have decided to step well out of my comfort zone and get a chunk of this music finished and released into the wild. I’ve trawled my catalogue of songs / ideas and picked just over 50 that span 5 different genres – hence 5 albums. The aim is to get these songs completed, mixed, mastered and released onto the main digital platforms.

I have no experience, I know nothing about the delivery platforms, their processes or their requirements. I’ve never mixed or mastered a song with the intention of it being thought of as even semi-professional. However you have to start somewhere, and learn as you go. I’m also going to document and share my experience but have never used the main social media platforms (by choice, not because I’m a miserable old fart – although I am that too!).

So, February is research and planning. March is music time!

Please follow me on this journey

Thanks, Phil